Evaluation and Assessment #9

9. (68) Faculty performance is regularly assessed.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use       Meets Criterion Completely

Standards and Expectations

The SJSU SLIS Online Teaching Standards and Indicators [PDF] and the Minimum Instructional Expectations for All Faculty guide the expectations for faculty performance.

Peer Reviews

A tenured faculty member conducts peer reviews of all part time faculty using a peer evaluation form. Her reviews form part of the Director’s annual assessment of part time faculty.

The evaluation is based on the SJSU SLIS Online Teaching Standards and Indicators [PDF].

Retention, Tenure, Promotion

Full time faculty are reviewed via the University’s Retention, Tenure, Promotion (RTP) guidelines.

Full time tenure track faculty are evaluated over a 6 year period. Faculty Expectations are clearly laid out.

Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE)

The California State University uses a uniform student evaluation form – Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE). All classes taught by part time faculty are evaluated each time taught. Tenure track faculty must evaluate two classes a year. The results are provided to the faculty members and to the Director. An overall standard of a 4.0 (on a 5.0 scale) is expected. If a faculty member fails to reach this after 3 attempts they are not retained. The Director’s review is also reviewed by the Associate Dean of the College.

Following are the SOTE rating questions:

  • Demonstrated relevance of the course content
  • Used assignments that enhanced learning
  • Summarized/emphasized important points
  • Established an atmosphere that facilitated learning
  • Was approachable for assistance
  • Was responsive to the diversity of the students in this class
  • Showed strong interest in teaching this class
  • Used intellectually challenging teaching methods
  • Used fair grading methods
  • Helped students analyze complex/abstract ideas
  • Provided meaningful feedback about student work

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