Faculty Support #4

4. (40) Faculty are provided on-going professional development related to online teaching and learning.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use       Meets Criterion Completely

SLIS faculty members are provided on-going professional development related to online teaching and learning through both synchronous and asynchronous means. Our annual Faculty Institute is a major event with the objective of sharing knowledge about online teaching in areas of technology and pedagogy. All full-time faculty and many part-time faculty travel to San Jose to participate in this two-day event. Evaluations of the Institute confirm its value both in terms of knowledge gained as well as individual networking and motivation.

The SLIS T3 (Time-saving Teaching Tips) Teaching Workshops series was introduced during the Fall 2012 semester as a tool to help faculty learn about the latest technologies, learn from colleagues, and save time teaching and engaging students in learning. The online sessions are led by SLIS colleagues and librarians who have found interesting ways to use existing services and technologies.  Debbie Faires, our School’s Assistant Director for Distance Learning, and Dr. Sue Alman, SLIS Lecturer, coordinate the T3 Teaching Workshops.

The School  and the University provide several resources to help faculty members incorporate new ideas into their teaching. The University's OLC membership provides access to current written materials as well as reduced pricing on conference and workshop attendance.

San Jose State University recently joined Quality Matters (QM), a faculty driven, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses. The QM rubric of standards is widely recognized as a guide to quality onalso line course design.  Membership in QM also includes access to training and professional development materials regarding online teaching. SLIS is using QM as a "train the trainer" opportunity. Two of our full-time faculty, Dr. Sue Alman and Debbie Faires, have received training, and seven more faculty will attend training in Fall 2013. These faculty will then work with other faculty.

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