Faculty Support #5

5. (41) Clear standards are established for faculty engagement and expectations around online teaching.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

SLIS has established Standards and Indicators for Online Teaching. These are posted in our online Faculty Handbook. They are introduced to new faculty members in the Teaching Online course. The standards are referred to during the peer reviews each semester. The standards have been discussed at the Faculty Institute and each year’s Institute agenda includes topics that address the associated indicators.

The Minimum Instructional Expectations for Faculty, posted in the Faculty Handbook, reinforce and supplement the Standards. Specific expectations such as a 48 hour maximum response time are clearly stated.

An additional set of standards is applied through the School’s participation in WISE (Web-based Information Science Education), a consortium of library and information science programs offering online courses. In order to join WISE, SLIS completed the WISE Member Checklist (2), a quality assessment based on the WISE Model for Quality Online Education in Library and Information Science.

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