Institutional Support #2

2. Policies and guidelines are in place to authenticate that students enrolled in online courses and receiving college credit are indeed those completing the course work.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

All students and faculty members must use a secure login and password to access the course sites in Canvas.

Materials outside the Canvas site but which are restricted to current students and faculty are protected by a username and password. This login is changed each semester.

Faculty are encouraged to use assessment techniques other than testing that allow greater recognition of individual student work and style. These include online discussion, group work, projects, and written assignments. When testing is used in the learning management system, tests are considered to be "open book" and the tests are offered during restricted time limits. Many instructors use a bank of questions so that students do not receive the same test.

In courses that use web conferencing, instructors can identify students by their voices or appearance on the web camera throughout the semester. ProctorU is also available,

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