Student Support #10

10. (52) Policy and process is in place to support ADA requirements.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use        Meets Criterion Completely

Physical or Learning Disability

If a student has a learning disability-or thinks that they they have- they can register with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) which works with online students as well as on campus students.

If the AEC determines that an accommodation is required a member of its staff notifies the faculty member teaching the class.

Web Site and Technology Compliance

The California State University requires full compliance with Section 508. Web sites must be in full compliance. All video’s are captioned. SLIS uses a captioning service : Automatic Sync.
Panopto is automatically captioned. All audio is transcribed. We provide live transcription help during live web conferencing when we have a student who needs it. Convocation is streamed with captioning.

Purchase ADA Compliance

All hardware and software purchases have to pass California State University accessibility approval.

Textbooks Submissions

Faculty must provide textbook information at least 2 months before classes start in order to allow for students to obtain textbooks in a variety of formats.

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