Student Support #9

9. (51) Student support services are provided for outside the classroom such as academic advising, financial assistance, peer support, etc.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

Academic Advising

Each student has an academic advisor and is automatically joined to their academic advisor's D2L site.
Students also have access to the Graduate Advisor who oversees the advising process.

In support of students the Graduate Advisor maintains two blogs.
SLIS21 blog for all kinds of curriculum information
Advising blog

We have a full time Student Services Coordinator who is the primary point of contac for administrative questions and procedures -

Financial Aid, Scholarships, Assistantships (typically 20 paid assistantships a semester)

Peer Support

All students are required to take the one unit Libr 203 class in online social networking. They work with both faculty and student peer mentors in that class.

SLIS Student Professional associations provide peer support and a variety of events

American Library Association SLIS Student Chapter

American Association for Information Science and Technology Student Chapter at SJSU

Society of American Archivists Student Chapter San Jose State University

Special Libraries Association Student Chapter at SLIS

SLISConnect (student and alumni association) provides peer support and a variety of events.

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