Teaching and Learning #3

3. (33) Students learn appropriate methods for effective research, including assessment of the validity of resources and the ability to master resources in an online environment.

Not Observed      Insufficient       Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

All MLIS students must take Libr 285: Research Methods. Covers fundamental principles, processes, values and roles of research for professional application in information organizations. Students will become critical consumers of research products and learn the basic skills of evaluating, planning, designing, executing, and applying research. In addition to a general research methods class, which examines a variety of research methodologies, SLIS offers a number of applied or specialized sections of LIBR 285 for students to choose from. See:

SLIS provides a dedicated library liaison for its online students:

Library support for online students:
King Library orientation

Special Tutorial dedicated to SLIS students

A Libguide for SLIS students

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