Technology Support #4

4. (8) The course delivery techology is considered a mission critical enterprise system and supported as such.

Not Observed      Insufficient     Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

SLIS has long understood the critical nature of course delivery technology. A technology budget was established in 2005 to support the development and maintenance of the SLIS technology infrastructure. The technology budget supports the acquisition of server, storage, and backup equipment, and facilitates the School’s ability to acquire and maintain contracts with service providers such as Desire2Learn and Blackboard Collaborate.

In-house systems are constantly monitored for performance and are regularly replaced as needed. Back-up systems are in place to use if issues arise. For outsourced systems (such as Desire2Learn and Blackboard Collaborate), the service providers maintain load balancing setups to ensure system availability during peak usage periods.

Multiple types of technology support are available for students and faculty. For example, the school has developed extensive documentation regarding use of Desire2Learn. SLIS students and faculty use a technical support request/report form to obtain individual assistance. The School pays for its own D2L administrative support contract to provide SLIS D2L administrators access to the support group at Desire2Learn. This allows the SLIS administrators to contact D2L via phone or ticketing system to report or escalate major issues.

Technology support information for all systems and resources is gathered onto a Technology Help Resources page.

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