Technology Support #6

6. (10) Faculty, staff, and students are supported in the development and use of new technologies and skills.

Not Observed      Insufficient     Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

All members of the SLIS community are continually involved in use of technology. The School provides support and training to faculty, students, and staff to assist in their progress and adoption of new technologies.

Faculty members have access to a variety of rich instructional materials. SLIS staff developed an extensive group of D2L instructor tutorials (login available upon request). SLIS has its own D2L administrator and a team of student assistants help faculty members with their course sites. Group and individual consultations are held each semester to give additional support to faculty members with the LMS.

Resources, workshops, individual consultations, and student assistant support are also provided for use of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing and are outlined in the Faculty Guide to Using Collaborate. Lecture creation and screencasting software are provided by the School and supported with documentation, workshops, and individual consultation. See resources listed in the Instructional Tools section of the Faculty Handbook. Faculty members are introduced to new technologies and innovative applications for better teaching and learning through the annual Faculty Institute and the Tech Tips blog.

Students are introduced to new technologies as soon as they begin their studies. Libr 203, Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools, is a required one-unit course that is completed at the beginning of each student’s first semester. In this course, students create their own Wordpress blogs, use RSS feeds, collaborate on Google Docs, and use other types of technology with full support for successful learning. Students are continually introduced to other technologies as they progress through the SLIS program. They learn where they can submit requests for technology support and receive answers within 24 hours (generally much quicker).

Staff members also use a variety of new technologies to support students and faculty. SLIS technology staff members support all staff computing equipment and software.

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