More Employment Resources

Employers: If you have an employment opportunity you'd like to publicize, post the position through SJSU's SpartaJobs system. Read more about SpartaJobs.

Students: See SLIS Career Development.

See also the e-mail discussion lists at the bottom of this page.

Online Resource

HOWTO Apply for a Library Job. www.liswiki.com/wiki/HOWTO:Apply_for_a_library_job

Electronic Lists

The following are electronic lists that are dedicated to featuring job opportunities for library and information science professionals:

1. Jesse: Open Lib/Info Sci Education Forum JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU at web.utk.edu/~gwhitney/jesse.html

2. LIBJOBS: IFLA's Library and Information Science Jobs list. Postings on LIBJOBS are archived and available at the following URL: http://infoserv.inist.fr/wwsympa.fcgi/info/libjobs

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