SLIS Scholarship Application

Please submit your SLIS Scholarship Application via D2L. Do Not FAX to SLIS — FAXes will not be accepted.

Deadline: March 30, 11:59 PM PT.

How to Fill Out and Submit the SLIS Scholarship Application

Follow the instructions below to successfully complete and submit your application.

You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to download and complete this form online.

You may apply for as many Scholarships as you wish. Please submit a separate application for each Scholarship you are applying for, and make sure to drop it into the correct drop box.

  1. Click to OPEN the SLIS Scholarship Application [PDF].
  2. Do a FILE/SAVE AS to your computer desktop, and rename the Scholarship Application as follows: [YOURLASTNAME_YOURFIRSTNAME_STUDENTIDNUMBER_short name of scholarship].pdf. Select the correct SHORT NAME for the Scholarship from this shortnames list.
  3. Open this file from your desktop and, using Adobe Reader, TYPE directly into the Scholarship Application you see displayed on your computer screen.
  4. Now SAVE to your desktop. SAVE AS: [YOURLASTNAME_YOURFIRSTNAME_STUDENTIDNUMBER_short name of scholarship].pdf. Select the correct SHORT NAME for the Scholarship from this shortnames list (Same file name as step 2 above).
  5. Self-register for the SLIS Scholarships & Awards course in D2L.
    1. Log in to your D2L account.
    2. In the My Courses widget, under No Semester, click on the SLIS Advising and Resource Center + ePortfolio Portal link.
    3. Click on the SLIS Community Sites link.
    4. In the Course Offering Name column, click on the SLIS Scholarships & Awards link.
    5. In the View Course Offering Information page, verify that you want to enroll into the SLIS Scholarships & Awards site by clicking Register.
    6. You will then see the Registration Information page. The fields on this page will be populated with your D2L account information. Click Submit.
    7. You will then see the Confirmation page. Click Finish to complete the self-registration process.
  6. Upload your form onto D2L's SLIS Scholarships & Awards site.
    1. Click on the D2L link to SLIS Scholarships & Awards to access. Read the instructions there.
    2. Click on the Applications Dropboxes tab.
    3. Click on the scholarship folder to which you wish to apply.
    4. In Submit Files, click on the Add a File button. Browse for your file on your computer, highlight it, and click the Upload button.
    5. Enter in comments if you would like and then click the Submit button.

QUESTIONS? Email Vicki Robison.