Electronic Lists

The School of Library and Information Science maintains two lists:

  • quickslis: A list dedicated to practical information sharing for SLIS students.
  • slisalumni: A list dedicated to alumni interaction.

Subscribing to lists is optional.

Be selective when subscribing to lists. Some electronic discussion groups generate an enormous number of messages.

Important Note:  The "slisadmin" mailing list was retired in November 2012.  Administrative announcements are now being sent to all students via the SLISAlert notification system.  

All active students are automatically added to SLISAlert and will periodically receive important administrative information via SLISAlert.  All members of the SLIS student community are required to remain on SLISAlert.  Please make sure that your email address in MySJSU is current, as that will be the email address at which you receive information sent via SLISAlert.  

Subscription Management:

  • Subscribing:  To subscribe to a list, use the appropriate subscription form below:
  • Subscribe to QUICKSLIS
  • Subscribe to SLISALUMNI
  • Unsubscribing:  To unsubscribe from a list, send an email to [LISTNAME]+unsubscribe@sjsu.edu where [LISTNAME] is replaced with the name of the list.  For example, to unsubscribe from the QUICKSLIS list, you would send an email to: "quickslis+unsubscribe@sjsu.edu"
  • Managing Subscription Options and Viewing Message Archives (Optional):  Managing your subscription options and viewing the message archives requires you to have a Google Account.   If you do not already have a Google Account, you can create a Google Account which is linked to your non-Google email address.  Please note that this is optional.  A Google Account is only required for certain tasks.

Sending Messages to the List

Messages to all subscribers of the list must be sent to the proper address. See instructions for sending messages to the list.