SLISAlert Information

The SLISAlert notification system is used to distribute information to the SLIS student community.

All active students are automatically added to SLISAlert and will periodically receive important administrative information via SLISAlert.  All members of the SLIS student community are required to remain on SLISAlert. 

Please make sure that your e-mail address in MySJSU is current, as that will be the e-mail address at which you receive information sent via SLISAlert.  Also, please make sure to allow e-mail from the following address through your Spam/Junk filter:

SLISAlert is also a tool we use to help build local communities of SLIS students. It allows e-mails to be sent to SLIS students in any particular geographic area. When an activity such as a library tour, a conference reception, or a professional event is scheduled, an alert can be e-mailed to all SLIS students within a defined radius (up to 100 miles).

Submit a SLISAlert Announcement

Would you like to invite SLIS students to attend an upcoming event? Submit the information to us and we can distribute it to the students who live in the area where the event will be held.


If you want to opt-out of the SLISAlert notifications, use the SLISAlert Opt-out form.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that all currently-enrolled students are required to remain on SLISAlert.  Students who choose to opt-out will still be liable for any information missed as a result of opting-out.


If you have questions about SLISAlert, contact Stanley Laufer.