Core Courses

The following three core courses are required of all students and must be taken within the first 16 units:

Students should be aware that the School has adopted a stringent policy on completing the three core classes within the first 16 units. While there is no required or preferred sequence for taking the three core courses, students should be aware that one or more of the core classes might be a prerequisite for an advanced class. No waiver or exception to this policy is permitted.

Effective Spring 2009, core courses must be completed with a grade of B or better. If the grade is less than B (B- or lower) after the first attempt a student will be placed on administrative probation. The student must repeat the class the following semester. If -on the second attempt- the student does not pass the class with a grade of B or better (not B- but B) they will be disqualified. (See required grade details.)

In addition to the core courses listed above, the MLIS curriculum includes the following required courses: