CIRI Blog Overview


CIRI Blog Overview

iSchool faculty members have their own blog to share updates on their research projects, innovative ideas for advancing online teaching and learning, experiences with emerging technologies, thoughts on research methods, and whatever else is percolating in their minds. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.

New posts are published monthly. We encourage you to visit the blog often and share your comments.  

Most recently, Dr. Deborah Hicks blogged about one of her favorite topics – discourse analysis. Her post hopefully will help others understand the ins and outs of this great and useful methodological approach to LIS research.  Read her post on CIRI Blog.

“Discourses do not simply describe and reflect the world ‘out there’. Instead, they are a form of social action. People use words, both written and spoken, to linguistically construct social reality. And one way to study this construction is discourse analysis.” – Dr. Deborah Hicks