INFM 211 Organizational Consulting Project Capstone Course


INFM 211 Organizational Consulting Project
Capstone Course

The Organization Consulting Project is the culminating project for the Informatics degree. This is a practice-based project where each student demonstrates problem-solving and analytical abilities as well as project management and self-management skills. Each student will liaise with a client to identify a project, gather data, diagnose issues, and implement solutions. The client will typically be A) the student’s current employer or another selected organization; or B) a domain specific scenario employer set up by the instructor.

The student will develop the following:

Problem Statement

  • Understanding, developing, and framing the problem.

Issue Diagnostic

  • Decomposing key questions in separate lines of inquiry.


  • Creating a plan with key milestones, task, timeline, and progress indicators.


  • Gathering research from primary and secondary sources.


  • Synthesizing and creating insights from qualitative and quantitative data.

Information Visualization

  • Crafting key messages and themes in a storyboard fashion.

The major deliverables are:

  • Proposal and presentation to the client;
  • The final Organizational Consulting Project report; 
  • The presentation of the report to the client.

The final report will contain the following elements:

  • Sign off form for the client, consultant (student), instructor;
  • Table of Contents;
  • Executive Summary;
  • Introduction;
  • Description of the Organization;
  • Client Situation Analysis and Problem Definition; 
  • Recommendations for Improvement/Change and Plan for Action/Implementation;
  • Project Purpose, Objectives and Scope;
  • Project Approach and Methodology (focusing on project statement, issue diagnostic, workplan, interviews, insights, information visualization);
  • Project Schedule and Milestone Dates;
  • Summary of Final Project Deliverables (Benefits & Outcomes);
  • Conclusion;
  • Appendices.