INFO 294 Creating a Custom Internship


Creating a Custom Internship — INFO 294

Students may identify a new internship that more directly relates to their professional interests and goals by contacting an internship site that is unlisted. Potential internship sites sometimes advertise opportunities on job sites or through listservs. These may or may not meet the requirements for a iSchool credit internship. Please make sure the internship site and the site supervisor are aware of and will comply with the requirements for a INFO 294 credit internship (see Internship Site Supervisor HandbookEligibility and Guidelines). Also the site will have to sign a University Organization Agreement.

To create a custom internship, please follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have fulfilled the following prerequisites: GPA 3.0 or above, no incompletes, and 19 credits earned before the semester in which you intern.
  • Be sure that both you and the site supervisor are aware of and fulfill your respective responsibilities
  • Connect Dr. Linda Main ( with the internship site supervisor contact information so that she can follow up to see if the site is willing to sign a University Organization Agreement. A site cannot be approved to host an intern for credit unless this agreement is signed This step should not be handled by a student. Provide the contact e-mail address to Dr. Main and she will follow up.
    • Site supervisors must:
      • Be willing to sign the University Organization Agreement (UOA). The signed agreement should be sent as a pdf attachment to
      • Be familiar with their responsibilities as outlined in the Internship Site Supervisor Handbook.
      • Develop an internship job description. They can look up a similar internship listing in the iSchool Internship Listing Database to use as a guide for creating the custom internship job description.
      • Register their organization in the Internship Database
      • Enter the internship into the database.
      • The internship listing will then be reviewed by the appropriate iSchool Internship Faculty Supervisor. He or she will contact the site supervisor with questions or approve the internship.
    • Students must:
      • Write your Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to fit the job description and your learning goals. Be sure your site supervisor understands and agrees to the SLOs. You may need to make adjustments based on their input.
      • Once the listing is in the iSchool database and you have applied and been accepted, you will complete the iSchool internship application form for the course. Your iSchool internship application will be reviewed by the appropriate iSchool faculty supervisor, and he or she will contact you with questions or approval. If approved the faculty supervisor will tell you which internship section to register for on and will provide a permission number.
      • Register for the course and work the required number of hours per credit, that is, 90 hours for 2 credits, 135 for 3, or 180 for 4.
      • Complete all work between the first day of the term and the last.
      • Pace hours evenly over the number of weeks—10 in summer and 15 in fall or spring.

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