INFO 203 "How-to" Videos

Overview Debbie Faires

INFO 203 “How-to” Videos

Most of the videos on this page are five minutes or less in length and were created by the INFO 203 peer mentors. 

Please note: All captioned videos need to be downloaded and viewed with subtitles turned on in order to view captioning.


How to sync Google Calendar and Canvas
Greg Weydert

How to sync your Mac calendar and Canvas
Helen Lutke

Connecting your Canvas calendar to your Google/iCal calendar
DeeAnn Tran

How to connect your Canvas Calendar to your Google Calendar
Rebekah Randle

How to access Canvas Guides tutorials
Rimma Kamen

How to navigate Canvas via the iOS App
Ashley Meyer

How to submit an assignment on Canvas
Sandra Tang

How to Set your Notification Preferences in Canvas
Bryan Duran

Navigating the “Grades” tab on Canvas
Lauren Frazier

Creating an e-Portfolio in Canvas using the iSchool Core Competencies to organize submitted coursework
Sandra Erickson

Utilizing the ePortfolio Option to Save Work Each Semester
Jessica Dedmon

How to embed an image in a discussion post in Canvas
Kathy Faubion

How to embed a video in your Canvas discussion post
Christine Nutile

Google Apps

How to Create a Template in Gmail
Jewel Soon Cheng

How to Add Alerts/Reminders to Google Calendar
Sami Voshell

The Wonders of Google Docs
Adam Roloff

How to Create a Hanging Indent Citation in Google Docs
Emily Moss

Google Docs – Special features and how to collaboratively edit
Lori Broger-Mackey

Program-specific tools in Google Sheets and Slides
Christina Matekel-Gibson

Google Sites – How to build a webpage
Vanessa Mouzes

How to set up Google Scholar account & connect to Refworks
Lyn Drewien

Google Scholar and using the Google Scholar browser extension to generate a reference citation
Michelle Brown

Citation searching using Google Scholar
Megan Ozeran

Sharing a Google Doc
Cindy Koy

How to create and share Google Slides
Sabrina Tusing


Using InterLibrary Loan to Borrow Books from King Library
Monica St. Dennis

Secrets of the King Library website
Cyndi Park

Microsoft Word

How to format an APA paper in Word (using a Mac)
Kate Spaulding

How to Create a Hanging Indent Citation in Word
Emily Moss

How to format an APA reference list in Word
Janita Dosh

Online Tools

APA citation tips using Citefast
Moses Moya

How to Create a Doodle Poll
Ahmad Merza

How to use Evernote
Stephanie Felice

Using Grammarly
Tamara Foster

How to use Jing to create Screencasts
Amy Senn

Using Piktochart for infographics
Justin Choi

How to use PowToon for a Quick Presentation
Lisa Molson

Building a RefWorks bibliography page and managing folders
Kyle Greenwood

How to create an infographic using
Bonnie Ing

How to use Zotero Citation Manager
Will Shepard

Organizing PDFs with Zotero
Gerard Collins


How to create a video from a Power Point slideshow
Julia Layne


How to add a gallery to a blog entry
Crystal Van Dee

How to moderate/approve comments on your blog
Sarah Edwards Obenauf

How to install the Meta widget in WordPress
Benjamin Elliott

Spicing up your WordPress blog: How to add a border with HTML
Cindy Chuong

How to accept comments on your blog posts
Kari Nelson


How to schedule or start a meeting with Zoom
Holley Cornetto

Other Tutorials

Creating a folder hierarchy for saving & retrieving files
Megan Bergeron

Chicago Style Writing – Tips and tricks
Carlee Osburn