MARA Electives


Electives — MARA
9 Units

In order to allow MARA students the opportunity to customize their program based on their own interests, students will select 9 units of electives from a pre-approved list of approximately 30 courses from the MLIS program. The MLIS elective courses must be approved by the MARA advisor but can be taken any time in the program.

As the MARA course offerings expand, MARA students may also take MARA courses as electives in place of the MLIS electives. The MARA electives may have MARA pre-requisites that must be met prior to the semester in which the course is taken. Currently several MARA 284 one- and two-credit topics are offered–these can be used as electives in place of INFO courses but cannot be taken in place of Information Governance or Information Assurance.

MLIS electives recommendations include:

  • INFO 256 Archives and Manuscripts (ACA Pre-Approved Course)
  • INFO 259 Preservation Management (ACA Pre-Approved Course)
  • INFO 240 Information Technology, Tools and Applications
  • INFO 284 Seminar in Archives and Records Management with offerings in electronic records, digital curation, encoded archival description, oral history, digitization and digital preservation, special collections in a Web 2.0 world, characteristics and curation of new digital media, photographic archives and more from which to choose.
  • INFO 287 Seminar in Information Science with offerings in virtual worlds including “Virtual Worlds: Traveling through Time and Space” and “Virtual Environments: Immersive Learning for Libraries and Archives”

Students will select their MLIS electives from a pre-approved list and then complete the MLIS electives form.